Delay in Reaching Lakshmir Bhandar Money to Women’s Accounts Due to Bank Closure on April 1

Lakshmir Bhandar Money
Lakshmir Bhandar Money

Lakshmir Bhandar Money: On April 1st, banks across the country will remain closed due to it being the first day of the fiscal year. This closure is affecting the timely disbursement of funds from Lakshmir Bhandar to women’s bank accounts, causing them to receive the money a day later.

The announcement by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to increase the funds in Lakshmir Bhandar from April onwards has been met with enthusiasm by many women in the state. However, due to the bank closure on April 1st, efforts are being made by the state government to ensure that the funds reach the beneficiaries’ accounts by April 2nd.

Despite all banks being closed on April 1st, all government offices in the state will remain open. This decision ensures that there will be no delay in crediting the funds to the accounts of beneficiaries on Tuesday. This initiative is part of the state government’s commitment to empowering women by enhancing the funds available to them through Lakshmir Bhandar.

Under the revised scheme, women listed in the community category will receive double the amount previously allocated, i.e., they will now receive 1000 rupees instead of 500 rupees. Similarly, women from tribal communities will receive 1200 rupees, up from the previous 1000 rupees.

During the state budget session, it was announced that 2.16 crore rupees would be transferred to women’s bank accounts through Lakshmir Bhandar. The increased expenditure for this project in April alone is estimated at 2.23 crore rupees, showcasing the government’s commitment to women’s welfare despite the challenges posed by bank closures.

In conclusion, while Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had initially announced that funds from Lakshmir Bhandar would be credited on April 1st, the bank holiday necessitates the transfer to occur on April 2nd. Despite this delay, the state government’s proactive measures ensure that women across various communities will receive enhanced financial support through this initiative.

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