Mamata Banerjee Swift Action for North Bengal After Devastating Storm

Mamata Banerjee Swift Action for North Bengal After Devastating Storm
Mamata Banerjee Swift Action for North Bengal After Devastating Storm

Mamata Banerjee Swift Action for North Bengal : In the wake of a massive storm that hit North Bengal on Sunday evening, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sprang into immediate action, underscoring her dedication to the welfare of the affected residents. The news of the storm’s destructive rampage spread rapidly, prompting Mamata Banerjee to launch into action on the same night, mobilizing all efforts towards aiding the distressed populace in Jalpaiguri.

The chief minister’s proactive approach was evident as she stood by the affected people, ensuring that their families received the necessary assistance promptly. Despite the passage of two days since the incident, Mamata Banerjee remains in North Bengal, personally overseeing relief efforts and planning the way forward, as she revealed in a press conference from the disaster site.

According to her statements, the storm ravaged over 500,000 homes on that fateful Sunday night. The gravity of the situation led to the presence of top officials from the disaster management office at the affected location. Expressing her sorrow, Mamata Banerjee shared that she had been working tirelessly on the ground for the past two days. Initially considering missionary work for aid, she opted instead to join in prayers on the night of December 24th, assuring all affected individuals of her steadfast support.

Additionally, during her visit from Alipurduar, Mamata Banerjee took part in rituals at the Mahakal Temple, displaying her unwavering faith amidst crisis. She declared her intention to stay in North Bengal for several more days, extending her stay until April 6th. Her schedule includes visits to Purulia on the 7th and Bankura on the 8th, signaling her commitment to comprehensively address the aftermath of this calamity.

Beyond the immediate disaster relief efforts, Mamata Banerjee also addressed the issue of the central government’s neglect in providing adequate assistance to West Bengal. She emphasized that essential works have been halted for 100 days, leading to severe infrastructure damage and widespread displacement. Expressing dismay at the dilapidated state of metal roads, she highlighted the urgent need for both financial and logistical support from the central authorities.

Mamata Banerjee’s swift and hands-on response to the North Bengal storm has not only demonstrated her leadership capabilities but also underscored her empathy and commitment towards the well-being of the state’s residents. Her unwavering presence and proactive measures stand as a beacon of hope and assurance for those grappling with the aftermath of this natural disaster.

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